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#8977 - 06/27/06 08:54 PM CROWNS and DETOX
lion of judah Offline

Sophmore Member

Registered: 06/13/06
Posts: 10
I am getting my last of 11 fillings out tomorrow. the problem is..i have 3 crowns. after doing some research and looking at past x-rays, i do not believe i have mercury under 2 of them, but i'm not sure...actually, i have no idea about the 3rd one. i've had that crown for at least 10 yrs. and have had no problem with it. i'm not sure what to do??? i am going to start detoxing and wonder if i should have the dentist look under this crown or leave well enough alone. Is it even safe to detox.. not knowing for sure if i have amalgum under that crown? there is metal in one of the crowns...a titanium post, and the crowns are i think gold with porcelean. i'm mainly concerned about the mercury in the 3rd crown. i know that the tooth in question does not have a root canal. i just don't have x rays from that far back.
also... i have alot of detox materials... can you please advise me on the safest route to take. i have Heavy Metal Cleanse for 30 days. I just ordered DMSA 25 mg., ALA, PH Control. I have Algin, Vit C, Bladderwrack, Cilantro (i will hold off 3 months), B-complex,colostrum, charcoal, chollera, L-Glutathione. I know to hold off on the ALA and cilantro for a few months, take Algin with the cilantro...i know i should begin Algin right away, take alot of Vit C. I'm not sure about the rest. i also have clay baths. I know its alot...and know not to use them all at once.. suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

#8978 - 06/28/06 02:47 AM Re: CROWNS and DETOX
Russ Offline

Master Elite Member

Registered: 12/31/99
Posts: 21292
Loc: Maine, USA
This is a good question about the metal in the crown and detoxing. I'm going to email my dentist and see what his take is on this.

I'll get back on this one.
Russ Tanner
Today they call you "crazy". Tomorrow they call you "ahead of your time."
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#8979 - 06/28/06 06:50 PM Re: CROWNS and DETOX
lion of judah Offline

Sophmore Member

Registered: 06/13/06
Posts: 10
Thanx Russ for checking that out. however...the amalgum issue is resolved..i'm happy to say. i just got the last of my 11 amalgums out...and the interesting thing is, is that i didn't notice a change with the first 10, but during this last removal..even though i was under the nitrus oxide (great stuff), i felt myself getting clearer. Amazing... Also, i asked the dentist to go ahead and remove the crown to see if there was amalgum under it...i had to know. well, there was "very little," but alot of decay, that he was worried about because it was near the nerve. anyway, looking under that old crown probably saved me a root canal in the long run. any event...i am free to detox with a clear head...literally..
i'd be curious to know what your dentist said anyway ... but can you or anyone answer my question about detoxing. thanx alot..

#8980 - 06/29/06 12:37 AM Re: CROWNS and DETOX

Crowns are usually porcelain fired onto a stainless steel post. As for amalgam underneath, it may be worth having them checked. You never know and sometimes there can be decay under there you didn't know about anyway. Usually a crowned tooth once was a filled tooth, and dentist often don't remove the old fillings before crowning. If there is amalgam under them, you cannot detox until it is removed. On another site I utilize for detoxing metals, they do not advise detoxing with ANY metals in the mouth including stainless steel. This contains nickel which is toxic anyway. But chemical chelators like dmsa will pull metals from your dental work into your body.
I would also advise that you choose one detox method to begin with. If you are going to use DMSA/ALA at some point please check into Andy Cutler's protocol for this. Dosing these too far apart or at too high a dose will make you sick. I am using his protocol on my son and we are not having any problems.

You have listed so many chelators, please be careful, chelating too quickly will make you feel terrible. Your body needs time to slowly dump metals as it can only remove so much at at time, any excess will be redistributed and make you feel worse.

I would say the Algin, Vitamin C, actually a good multi without copper or iron but make sure it has minerals is necessary.
Chlorella made me sick, so beware on that one. I have been metal free for a month, so it might be too soon. I am told that many of these things we need to wait quite a while to use. DMSA can be used beginining four days after removal. ALA is recomended that you wait at least three months. Because it removed mercury from the brain. You need to dump the body load first. The one thing I do not see here that is vital is Milk Thistle. You need liver support during chelation. Sauna's are excellent, epsom salt baths. Go easy at first. Save the big guns for later.

#8981 - 06/29/06 02:52 AM My Dentist Replies...
Russ Offline

Master Elite Member

Registered: 12/31/99
Posts: 21292
Loc: Maine, USA
My dentist wrote back to me today and said this about the question you asked...


I asked...

"This person has an unknown metallic material under a crown revealed by an x-ray. They are having all of their amalgams removed soon. Is it OK to use mercury chelators for detox when this unknown (possibly mercury-based) metal is under a crown?"

He Replied...

There are two situations where there could be metal under a crown:

First is if it's a Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) crown. This is where the lab puts white porcelain over a metal substructure, which the dentist then glues to the cut down (prepped) tooth. These are the most common types of crowns done, as they can be relatively inexpensive. Usually the metal used under these crowns is nickel, which is a carcinogenic metal. The nickel will darken, and can appear as a dark line around the base of the tooth, at the gumline.

Another case is the remnant of the original mercury filling is left in the tooth while prepping it for a crown. Then the PFM (or other kind of crown) is permanently cemented over the mercury filling. This was done quite commonly.

Now amalgam manufacturers instruct dentists not to do that, even though it was done for dozens of years to millions of crowns. Here is an excerpt from the MSDS for the amalgam Dispersalloy.

Full text is at:

. . . The use of amalgam is contraindicated;

In proximal or occlusal contact to dissimilar metal restorations. (this would be the case of leaving a mercury filling under a PFM)
In patients with severe renal deficiency.
In patients with known allergies to amalgam.
For retrograde or endodontic filling.
As a filling material for cast crown. (again, they know it's not good to have dissimilar metals touching)
In children 6 and under.
In expectant mothers.

Side Effects/Warning

Prior to use, read the MSDS information and product instructions for this item.

Exposure to mercury may cause irritation to skin, eyes, respiratory tract and mucous membrane. In individual cases, hypersensitivity reactions, allergies, or electrochemically caused local reactions have been observed. Due to electrochemical processes, the lichen planus of the mucosa may develop.

mercury may also be a skin sensitizer, pulmonary sensitizer, nephrotoxin and neurotoxin.

After placement or removal of amalgam restorations, there is a temporary increase of the mercury concentration in the blood and urine.

mercury expressed during condensation and unset amalgam may cause amalgamation or galvanic effect if in contact with other metal restorations. If symptoms persist, the amalgam should be replaced by a different material . . .

So the answer to your question is - Yes, they can use mercury chelators for detox. The material showing on the x-ray is most likely mercury. Or it could be nickel, which would respond favorably to heavy metal detox.

Hope this helps

Best ~



My again...

After reading is reply, there is a chance that he missed the concept that I was asking, namely... if detox could occur while the amalgam was still under the crown. I think I worded the question too vaguely. Sorry about that.

Nevertheless, I hope this helps and congratulations on your last removal. It may be a rollar coaster ride but it usually gets better over time.

Keep us posted!
Russ Tanner
Today they call you "crazy". Tomorrow they call you "ahead of your time."
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#8982 - 06/29/06 02:56 PM Re: My Dentist Replies...

Thank you for your responses....
i have all my amalgums out...praise God. The funny thing is...i felt no change with removal of the first 10, then when he took out the last one...the biggest one, during the process, i felt my head get clearer... so i'm hoping that my memory improves and my mind is clearer.
i am going to start detoxing in a few days with Heavy Metal Detox for 30 days..with Algin and Vit C. should i add anything else? Vit E, multi vit??? wait on the DMSA til after the heavy metal detox? thanx..

#8983 - 06/29/06 07:03 PM Re: My Dentist Replies...
Laura Clement Offline

Advanced Master Member

Registered: 12/30/99
Posts: 434
Loc: Maine, USA
I would personally go slowly with the Heavy Metal Detox, primarily because now that all your amalgams are out, your body will most likely start detoxing on its own. Dr. Cutler's book Amalgam Illness refers to this initial period of detox as the body getting rid of its "fast pool" of mercury. Some people may be able to handle detoxing right away, while others need to wait several weeks or a few months.

If you feel strong enough to start detoxing, I would recommend taking plenty of Algin, which will help prevent mercury from being reabsorbed and redistributed. Lots of Vitamin C with bioflavonoids is also important. We use Citrus Bioflavonoids from Nature's works great, is very high quality, and provides 500mg of Vitamin C plus 50mg each of lemon/orange/grapefruit bioflavonoids, rutin, hesperidin and rose hips.

Vitamin E with Selenium is extremely important for mercury detox. I take either 400IU or sometime 800IU a day. I've recently read an animal study that showed that selenium binds with mercury, forming a "biologically inactive complex" that is "unable to pass biological barriers, placenta..." Because selenium works together with Vitamin E, you want to take both together, like in Vitamin E Complete with Selenium.

That's the daily regimen we use: Citrus Bioflavonoids, Vitamin E Complete and Algin. For added chelating/detox, add Heavy Metal Detox. If you have certain health conditions you want to focus on, then add additional herbs/vitamins.

Let us know how everything goes...please keep us posted on your progress!
Laura Clement
Author, HART Master Reference
Mercury Detox Supplements
My Favorite Amalgam-Illness Book
1-800-358-4278 (U.S. & Canada)
1-207-584-3550 (Worldwide)
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