New Ron Paul Doc Exposes Election Fraud, Deceit, Integrity
For Immediate Release
Columbia, MO February 18, 2012 - The 2012 Presidential Election is less than nine months away.  People concerned about the direction of our nation are watching the news and debates regarding the Republican hopefuls closely as President Obama's approval rating is still relatively low.  The Ron Paul Uprising is shedding some light on various topics of interest for voters this cycle: vote fraud, presidential character, government's power grab and the only candidate with across the board appeal: Ron Paul.

Vote fraud is a major concern, with the recent events in Maine.  Fox 19's Ben Swann, CNN's Rachel Maddow, the New York Daily News, Russia Today and many independent blogs have reported about the missing counties in Maine and are asking why the Maine GOP would call the win for Romney with such a close vote and three counties that have not been counted or had their vote postponed.

The new film looks at vote problems as general as machine maintenance to the more major problems of voter role purges and under-counts, also looking at the only true solution, a return to paper ballots.  "One more state election and one more case of obvious vote manipulation," comments Gary Franchi, associate producer of the new film.  "People have suspected vote fraud in the past and the ways in which it can be achieved are nearly endless."
Another topic covered in the new film is the character of the person running.  "Does anyone actually pay attention to the integrity of the presidential hopefuls?" asks the film's director, William Lewis.  "Too many times, our presidential candidates say one thing while campaigning, yet do another once elected.  President Obama was no exception."  The film takes a look at not only what characteristics should be considered when choosing a candidate, but also takes a close look at the voting record of then-Senator Obama compared to that of Representative-turned-Presidential hopeful Paul.

While campaigning on a platform of peace, the film also takes a hard look at military spending averages, per year in office, of the Obama Administration compared to that of the Bush Administration, a president many Democrats have labeled a "war-monger."  A HANDOUT with this information, and more, and the VOTE COMPARISON can be downloaded from the website.  

The Ron Paul Uprising, available for as little ad $5 per copy, also helps tell the story of a man with impeccable integrity and only candidate actively seeking to shrink the size of government.  Help expose those around you to the truth about A Real Constitutional Expert: RON PAUL...  Get your copy today, along with the handout and the vote comparison, by visiting, 3149 Dundee Rd #176, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

Russ Tanner
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