A Gentle Introduction

Most people literally don't know how to begin thinking about actual
freedom. All they've ever seen, and all they've ever heard, fits
inside the paradigm of a ruling class and its subjects. They lived
in that arrangement throughout school, and into their lives as the
loyal livestock ("law-abiding taxpayers") of their masters. They
don't know anything else, they've never thought about anything
else, and they've never heard anyone suggest anything else.

That's why my new radio show, "Outside the Cage," starts at the
very beginning, as gently as possible introducing people to what
self-ownership and a voluntary society would actually mean. The
trouble is, "normal" people are pretty unlikely to just stumble on
my show, so "wacko extremists" like YOU have to give them a nudge.
The show tonight, from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern, will be another
dose of "red pill" (a la The Matrix) that I think will be a very
useful waking-people-up tool, even for people who have never
thought about such things. You can listen live here:


A few people have already commented that they have some friends and
family members who are such fully indoctrinated statists that they
don't bring up the issue at all, but that "Outside the Cage" is
something they dare to refer people to, because of the simple,
open, non-confrontational way it approaches the concepts. If you
missed the first two shows, you can listen to them here:


(Thanks to me messing something up, the third show isn't archived
yet, but it, and tonight's show, should be up in a few days.)

So tune in, and tell all your statist friends to tune in, too.


Larken Rose
Russ Tanner
Today they call you "crazy". Tomorrow they call you "ahead of your time."
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