Hives Disappears After Amalgam Removal
Dana's Story

I’m 45 now, but in my early 20’s I got my first real job which came with dental insurance. I began to get the tiniest of decay removed and filled with *silver* fillings.

Soon after a couple of years of dental appointments, I began to have hives daily. Sometimes the itching was so bad that I couldn’t sleep.

The first doctor gave me a highly addictive drug because he decided that it was stress and anxiety. I was going through a divorce, but despite the fact that I explained to the doctor that the divorce was my idea and I was happier than ever – he still assumed I needed this medication to stop the hives. It made me high as a kite, and I could not function. I was told to take them at night. I did, I still had hives and now I had another problem…couldn’t wake up in time to get to work each morning. My alarm clock, no matter how loud it was, did not wake me from my deep sleep.

My inability to concentrate during the day almost got me fired. THAT did cause anxiety! So the doctor suggested I half the pills and take a smaller dosage.

After months and months of this, and no reduction in the hives AT ALL, he suggested it must be allergies and sent me to an allergist.

Three allergists later and I decided to just quit trying to find a cause and just continue to suffer instead. The allergists did all sorts of testing and they put me on all types of crazy food elimination diets, but each time I tested, the tests would come back different. How could I be allergic to peanuts today but not allergic to peanuts 6 weeks later? How could I be allergic to cats today but not allergic to cats 6 weeks later? It made no sense, I was disgusted and still had hives daily. Plus, my insurance only paid a small portion of the cost.

I resorted to Benedryl at night for years, it was the only thing that helped me get sleep…but again, I was incredibly groggy each morning and had difficulties concentrating during the day.

After my son was born in 1999, I began to do a lot more research regarding food, allergies and Vaccines. After reading a piece from the ADA about mercury fillings, I decided to have them removed one by one, as I could afford it. I still have one that’s to be removed very soon, but I no longer have hives daily. I don’t even have hives weekly anymore. As a matter of fact, I RARELY ever have hives now - and when I do, it’s usually after eating fish/seafood.

These days, I try to debate at least one pharmashill per day. It amazes me how they will protect thimerosal/mercury despite the massive amount of data proving that mercury is toxic. It also amazes me that we are expected to call poison control and go through a routine to clean up a mercury light-bulb spill, yet newborn babies are injected with the stuff in their first few hours of life. Of course some are exposed through flu Vaccines their mother’s got while pregnant…never knowing that the vaccine was not tested in this group. We shouldn’t dispose of these light-bulbs because it’s bad for the dump-site but its okay to inject the stuff into our newborn babies???

Before the myelin sheath is even matured, doctors and nurses are injecting Thimerosal into these babies in their first days/hours of life and then again with flu Vaccines. There are no words to describe how angry this makes me!

Russ Tanner
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