This one focuses on Marcella and her dolls, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Henny, Frederika, and Uncle Clem among others.

" Marcella: A Raggedy Ann Story " by Johnny Gruelle.
This one was written especially for Gruelle's daughter, Marcella, who inspired the original Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and stories.

Gruelle was a children's author and illustrator.
In 1915, Marcella found a handmade rag doll in the attic.
Gruelle drew a face on the doll and they decided to name her Raggedy Ann, a combination of " The Raggedy Man" and " Little Orphan Annie,
" two poems written by James Whitcomb Riley.
Marcella loved the doll so much, Gruelle thought other children would too.
His patent for the doll was registered in 1915, and the first set of books came out in 1918.
Raggedy Andy Ann's brother, was born a couple of years later.

Sadly, Marcella died at age 13, after receiveing a small pox vaccination.
Doctors said that the girl died from a heart defect, but Gruelle believed the vaccination was to blame.
He became a vocal opponent of vaccinations and allowed Raggedy Ann to be used as a symbol for the anti-vaccination movement.
Gruelle died of a heart attack Jan, 8 1938, at age 57.

The Marcella book was published in 1929 and rereleased in 1999.