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#38156 - 07/28/08 05:46 AM Prisoner Transfer Rairoad Cars (Video)
Russ Online   content

Master Elite Member

Registered: 12/31/99
Posts: 21292
Loc: Maine, USA
Russ Tanner
Today they call you "crazy". Tomorrow they call you "ahead of your time."
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#38167 - 07/28/08 11:42 AM Re: Prisoner Transfer Rairoad Cars (Video) [Re: Russ]
SoSick Offline

Master Elite Member

Registered: 04/07/07
Posts: 2158
Loc: Lost on a mountain USA
and their minds were full of evil thoughts day and night...

looks like the highway to hell to me... but God's purpose may be a tad different than the those of evil men... probably they build those for themselves and their children of the devil.

I'd stay out of the way. Them are pretty spanky 3 tiered railroad cars, my tax money at work again I see...

YHVH protects his own though, it's a shame they don't believe it.

#38168 - 07/28/08 02:45 PM Re: Prisoner Transfer Rairoad Cars (Video) [Re: SoSick]
skieslimit Offline

Advanced Master Member

Registered: 08/22/07
Posts: 473
I've seen this too and pictures of concentration camps that are already built. My son went out of town recently and seen a big, what he thought could have been a look out tower, veiwing all 4 directions. He seen this around Carlsbad New Mexico. He said it did not look like any kind of deer blind and that it gave him the creeps. I looked up concentration camps in this area and this is what I found:
White Sands Missile Range - Currently being used as a storage facility for United Nations vehicles and equipment. Observers have seen this material brought in on the Whitesands rail spur in Oro Grande New Mexico about thirty miles from the Texas, New Mexico Border.
I got it from this site:

This is only 2 and 1/2 hours from here.
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.

#38173 - 07/28/08 03:35 PM Re: Prisoner Transfer Rairoad Cars (Video) [Re: skieslimit]
SoSick Offline

Master Elite Member

Registered: 04/07/07
Posts: 2158
Loc: Lost on a mountain USA
There was this guy I used to listen to on the radio, 15 years ago or so.. Chuck something or other,, and they were talking about it then, it has been going on a while. Chuck had lots of trouble from the IRS, not sure where he's at now.

It's such an archaic scheme I truly cannot believe they are doing stuff like this. It's so archaic I almost have to laugh really, even though I realize the intentions are far from funny.

You know the nazis tried this... but that was a different time a different place.. they could do stuff and it would be weeks months before anyone really knew.. not so today.. we have cell phones, digital cameras, egads of friends, all of us, we are a much different type of people.

such an archaic scheme it truly is laughable.

them rails sure do look good to metal thieves too, worth quite a bundle in this economy...

such a waste of my hard earned tax dollars I could vomit all day long. guns and butter. the despot us govt.