Chemtrails and Ringing In the Ears

This problem (ringing in the ears, or tinnitus) can be associated with mercury exposure. mercury exposure can happen via Vaccines, dentures, tattoos, coal-burning power plants, amalgam ("silver") dental fillings, and tuna, along with some other sources, some of which are medial in nature.

Strangely, Laura (my business partner) and I both had our amalgams removed in July of 2000 and the ringing in our ears stopped almost immediately. Unfortunately, after heavy chemtrail activity in our area near the beginning of this year (2006), the ringing came back in a dramatic way for the first time. We keep it under control by avoiding caffiene and tannins, which enable mercury transfer through many cell walls.

Based on research that is being done out west, these aerosols may contain aluminum, barium and other substances, some of which may cause this problem. Being that our issues with ringing in the ears started at the same time as heavy chemtrail activity in our area, I believe there may be a correlation between the two.

Because aluminum increases the toxicity of mercury many times, it may be possible that this symptom is triggered by aluminum acting on existing mercury stores, but we don't have enough information to be sure at this time.

General drying of the body and eyes is caused by barium and can be controlled with fairly large doses of Combination Potassium. If you've noticed drying of the eyes in connection with the ringing, chemtrails may be at the bottom of it. If dryness is not associated with the problem, it may just be a mercury issue.

Aluminum may be able to be chelated with Malic Acid so you may want to try using Fibralgia (Fibro-Malic). Of couse, as with any chelator, the problem may get worse before it gets better.

mercury symptoms can be helped with Algin.

For more information about chemtrails and NATO testing on unconsenting humans, please see the following resources:

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