Doing the Rounds – Issue 5

Well, it’s been a bit longer than I would have liked since I last wrote to you all, but I hope you will all understand that it’s been a frantically BUSY month! Busy in a good way, that is! And there is lots of information to share with you and both good, bad and indifferent news as well so I will get right into it now.

Our $26 donation drive seems to have stalled a bit with donations just trickling in very slowly indeed! If you are in a position to donate $26 and haven’t done so yet, please consider doing it now as we really do need your support and once again, if every member donated $26, we would have the funds available to accomplish the 4 goals we have set for ourselves which are published in the last 2 issues of Informed Voice magazine and also in the past few issues of Doing the Rounds.

To date this year, we have received $8,541.59 in donations – that included one $2,000 and one $1,000 donation from some extremely generous members! We have set aside $2,500 to test Vaccines for the presence of mercury. I am still asking for help in designing this study so if you have experience in designing studies or in pathology, please contact Meryl on 02 6687 1699 or as our goal is to submit the results of these tests for publication in a mainstream medical journal.

Again, we accept donations by credit card (all credit cards accepted), cheque, money order or direct deposit to the following account:

Westpac Bank
Account Name: Australian Vaccination Network Inc. Gift Fund
BSB 032591
Account number 196282

If you donate via internet banking, please be sure to leave your name as identification so a receipt can be forwarded.

AVN and Informed Voice website

Finally, we can announce that the new AVN website has been launched! It is very much a work in progress and we haven’t gotten all of the information up yet, but it is powering along and I feel that this will be the one of the top websites on vaccination, natural health and instinctive parenting in the world.
Please come and pay us a visit – or Online ordering is completely secure and we are adding information almost every day as well as starting up our forums in the near future.

Again, going with the theme of forwarding this information on to 10 people and asking them to do the same, I would like to ask that you simply forward this issue of Doing the Rounds on to 10 of the people in your address book straight away so that more and more people can access the information we offer on these vital issues.

I would like to take a moment to thank Sarita Singh – one of the amazing graphic designers here at Informed Voice - who told me straight out from the day she started working here that she would do anything but websites. I could ask her to do graphics, advertising, layout and anything else involved with design but I was never, ever to ask her to do any web work because she was just over websites!

Despite this, when the need arose for us to have a new website and the funds were just not available for us to outsource this job, Sarita heaved a huge sigh, hunkered down at her desk (which she did not leave for 2 months straight virtually!) and created the most amazing site you can possibly imagine.
Check it out for yourself – I’m sure you will love it as much as we do! Thank you Sarita!

AVN Sydney Seminar - a great success!
Our long-awaited seminar in Sydney went off without a hitch and was incredibly well-attended! We estimate that over 400 people were there on the night and it was an amazing evening with myself representing the AVN and our wonderful guest speakers - Dr Isaac Golden and Dr David Ritchie - discussing homoeopathic disease prevention and natural health for children.

We were lucky to have the evening professional filmed (thanks to Dr Robert Gammal who helped to organise this!) and our DVD is almost ready. We are going to start selling now though this won't be up on the website for another week or so. If you want to pre-order a DVD (or 2, or 3 - it will make a great baby or Christmas gift!), you can call our office on 02 6687 1699 to place your order.

This is a 3-hour (give or take) DVD with all 3 lectures and question time - a fantastic value at only $27.50 plus postage!

Got something you want to promote?
I know it seems like we've only just brought out a magazine, but we are entering the home-stretch for the October 2006 edition of Informed Voice. If you are interested in knowing our advertising rates and also, what the upcoming features will be - please send an email to and we will be happy to email you back a copy of our latest media pack.

Don’t protest against Vaccines in India or China!

From the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) Newsletter e-NEWS: (
"Chinese police hauled off a small group of people on Thursday who had arrived in Beijing's Tiananmen Square to protest what they say are bad Vaccines which have crippled their children, one of the demonstrators said. They say that their children were vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis B in 2003 in the southern province of Guangdong, and that the vaccine has paralysed their sons and daughters. China's Health Ministry told Reuters last month that they had found no problem with the Vaccines."
- Reuters, Beijing, Aug. 17, 2006

Barbara Loe Fisher from the NVIC comments:

In what should be a warning to all parents in all nations, a recent report out of China that state police have arrested parents of vaccine injured children protesting toxic Vaccines in Tiananmen Square. Government health officials are denying any connection between what happened to the children and the Japanese encephalitis vaccine they were injected with in 2003.

The pattern of cover-up by public health officials around the world of the toxic effects of Vaccines and the oppression of the people who are forced to take them is consistent and it is becoming more widespread. The unchecked power that has been handed over to medical doctors in charge of public health programs in every nation has resulted in victimisation of the people who have been denied the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking. When Vaccines damage children or adults, the victims of vaccine damage are left to fend for themselves and are often victimized twice by medical doctors and government officials who refuse to take responsibility for what has happened.

The same sort of repression is occurring in India as well as shown by the following letter by an Indian organisation which carries out the same sort of activism as the AVN.

H E Sri A P J Abdul Kalam Azad,
Hon'ble President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhawan,
New Delhi.

Dt: 29.08.2006

Most Respected Sir,

We vaccine damage victims and the parents of vaccine damaged children have been raising our voices against the vile practice of Vaccines for quite a long time now. We know that nobody is really interested in our problems, created by Govt sponsored mass vaccine programs indulged in without apprising us of the dangers involved. But we continue regardless not for our sake, our lives have already changed forever for the worst, but for the children who are choosing this country to evolve in their spiritual quest.

Little do those children know that India is no longer the country it once was. Today the love for mankind the country posessed, the spiritual nature of its people and its great system of education aiming at generating and advancing humane knowledge has been lost. In the name of science we have changed. Science is supposed to be a search for the truth but today the truth is being suppressed in the name of science.

Where will our movement end? As the enclosed report stating that the Chinese Govt is now arresting vaccine protestors, we too may be arrested and put behind bars. We are being termed "hazard to public health". What health Sir? We no longer see health around us but only death and disease. Yet we talk of public health. We spend billions so that the medical industry prospers and thrives. Nobody thinks of the patients anymore and what they are being forced to go through, health wise and finance wise, at the hands of this evil industry.

We are at fault for pointing out that Vaccines are a bundle of extremely toxic, carcinogenic and contaminated elements that are being forcibly pushed into young defenceless children who cannot protest, whose parents are not aware of the dangers, whose sacrifice of life, and its oppurtunities go towards filling the coffers of the medical industry which prefers to bow down to the diktat of agencies who have long since lost their sanctity and credibility in the eyes of the general population all over the world.

What sort of an age do we live in Sir? We are forced to part with both our health and lifes income to promote an industry that peddles death and disease in return. Is this what our freedom fighters laid down their lives for? Is this what Gandhiji gave his life for? Is this the expression of love that Panditji had for our children?

What sort of a country are we that cannot protect our children from the machinations and manipulations of the most corrupt industry in the whole world? Yes Sir, the Global Corruption Report 2005 has stated categorically that the $3100 billion medical industry is the most corrupt industry in the world. And yet we continue to pour billions down the throat of this monster. This corrupt industry is headed by the WHO, the UN, and the US based FDA and CDC whose shennanigans are now being probed by investigative journalists and the reports find place in such prestigious newspapers like the New York Times, The Guardian, and even The Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals of our times.

The people all over the world are pointing out the flaws and fallacies of this industry. In the US it has been revealed that 7,83,936 people die every year due to medical malpractices, more than the combined number that die from road accidents and terrorist attacks. In India, the doctors say that in our towns alone 2,00,000 people die every year from adverse drug reactions, and 80,000 due to medical malpractices.

In the TV channels we watch in horror as the doctors kill children in the womb, burn new born infants in the cots, cut the limbs of healthy people at the instance of the beggar mafia, trade in organs of the innocents, photograph female patients in the raw and sell the footage to the porn industry, and experiment new drugs and Vaccines on eight day old toddlers and infants in the creches. Recently all of India has been shocked at front page headlines that said that the JE vaccine has already killed 22 children and seriously affected 504 others.

How long will this go on Sir? How long before this vile so called science is replaced by more humane methods of treatment? Why should we forced to be perennial guinea pigs at the hands of doctors who openly admit that they are clueless as to why epidemics of chronic autoimmune disorders are spreading like wildfire across the world?

It is said that in a society where people are unjustly imprisoned, the true place for a just man is also a prison. Therefore I request you Sir that we vaccine victims and other victims of the medical industry be arrested en masse and put behind bars. At least it will relieve us of the tension of seeing infants and adults being recklessly and systematically mauled in the hands of the cannibalistic medical industry.

Please forgive me for being emotional. But after 27 years of personal suffering and the realisation that things are not going to change despite our protests, I am finding it difficult to keep my mouth shut.

President Sir, once again we appeal to you, please intervene and save our children. Please ensure that 1.74 million autistic children of India, who have been incapacitated by the use of mercury and aluminium in Vaccines and the use of live measles virus, and of uncounted others who have died or rendered disabled due to toxic vaccine ingredients get the attention they deserve and that their parents are at least helped financially to ensure that their children are rehabilitated and lead some semblance of normal life after they are gone.

Is this too much to ask of you Sir?

Respectfully yours,
Jagannath Chatterjee,
Vaccine damage victim,
Health Reform Activist.

Meningitis vaccine withdrawn because it “didn’t meet manufacturer’s standards”

Shouldn’t they have worked that out BEFORE they released the vaccine to market?

Olin Health Center has sent a letter to 2,300 people informing them the meningitis vaccine they received has been recalled.

Aventis Pasteur is the only company in the country to produce a meningitis vaccine which protects against strains A, C, Y and W-135. The strain B is prevalent in the United States, but no vaccine has been
produced to protect against it. The recall stems from the company finding that the vaccine didn't meet
its standards.

Anyone who received the vaccination from Jan. 2001 until now is considered adequately protected, but should be vaccinated again if the patient is travelling to certain regions such as Africa and Saudi Arabia, or if they are working in lab conditions where they would be exposed to the disease. (ed note – please follow the logic here. You are absolutely protected against Meningitis if you have taken this vaccine – unless you happen to go somewhere or work in a location where you will be exposed to the disease!)

Since March 1997, two MSU students have died from meningitis strains C and Y.

Jock Doubleday raises the stakes – put your health where your money is!

Several years ago, Jock Doubleday, founder of Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc., issued a challenge. If any doctor would drink the components of Vaccines which do not include the actual antigens themselves but which only consist of the solvents and adjuvants of the Vaccines. These are the same Vaccines which are regularly and routinely injected into babies! In return for the doctor’s participation in this challenge, Jock would pay them $20,000. Strangely enough, to date there have been no takers.

Jock has now raised the stakes to $75,000. They say that every man and woman has their price. Let’s see if one of those doctors who insist that Vaccines are perfectly safe and effective will prove it by taking up the challenge. Watch this space…


* * * PRESS RELEASE * * *

August 1, 2006


THE FOLLOWING OFFER is made to U.S.-licensed medical doctors who routinely administer childhood vaccinations and to pharmaceutical company CEOs worldwide:

Jock Doubleday, director of the California 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation Natural Woman, Natural Man, Inc., hereby offers $75,000.00 to the first medical doctor or pharmaceutical company CEO who publicly drinks a mixture of standard vaccine additives ingredients in the same amount as a six-year-old child is recommended to receive under the year-2005 guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (In the event that thiomersal has recently been removed from a particular vaccine, the thiomersal-containing version of that vaccine will be used.)

The mixture will not contain viruses or bacteria dead or alive, but will contain standard vaccine additive ingredients in their usual forms and proportions. The mixture will include, but will not be limited to, the following ingredients: thimerosal (a mercury derivative), ethylene glycol (antifreeze), phenol (a disinfectant dye), benzethonium chloride (a disinfectant), formaldehyde (a preservative and disinfectant), and aluminum.

The mixture will be prepared by Jock Doubleday, three medical professionals that he names, and three medical professionals that the participant names.

The mixture will be body weight calibrated.

Because the participant is either a professional caregiver who routinely administers childhood vaccinations, or a pharmaceutical company CEO whose business is, in part, the sale of childhood Vaccines, it is understood by all parties that the participant considers all vaccine additive ingredients to be safe and that the participant considers any mixture containing these ingredients to be safe.

The participant agrees, and any and all agents and associates of the participant agree, to indemnify and hold harmless in perpetuity any and all persons, organizations, and/or entities associated with the event for any
harm caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, to the participant or indirectly to the participant's heirs, relations, employers, employees, colleagues, associates, or other persons, organizations, or entities claiming association with, or representation of, the participant, by the participant's participation in the event.

The event will be held within six months of the participant's written agreement to the above and further elaborated terms.

To the list of potential candidates for the $75,000 Vaccine Offer, 14 members of the CDC's 2006 Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have been added, as follows:

Jon S. Abramson, M.D.
Ban Mishu Allos, M.D.
Carol Baker, M.D.
Janet R. Gilsdorf, M.D.
Harry Hull, M.D.
Susan Lett, M.D.
Tracy Lieu, M.D.
Dale L. Morse, M.D.
Julia Morita, M.D.
Kathleen Neuzil, M.D.
Patricia Stinchfield, N.P.
Ciro Valent Sumaya, M.D.
John J. Treanor, M.D.
Robin J. Womeodu, M.D.

In the event that any of the above ACIP members' terms expire and they are replaced by new members, the new members will be added automatically to the list of potential candidates for the Vaccine Offer.

This offer, dated August 1, 2006, has no expiration date unless superseded by a similar offer of higher remuneration.

Contact Jock Doubleday:

Until the next edition, I wish you all health, happiness and the best of Informed Choices!

Russ Tanner
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