Doing the Rounds Issue 4
Action to support medical/healthcare students
Sydney seminar – last call!
Membership drive!!!
Once again, this is coming out a little bit later then I had hoped, but it has been a very busy time here at the AVN head office and the newsletter has unfortunately had to take a bit of a back seat until I had the time to get to it – which is now!

Excuse me for not having the running total here, but I am rushing to get this out and we recently switched from one accounting package to another and I just don’t have the time to get the reports from both of them – will definitely do that next time though.

Since the 1st of July, we have had $3,114 in donations - $2,000 of that from one extremely generous person! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated – we are unfortunately still pretty far away from our goals but I hope that we have an increase in donations with the next magazine coming out next week. Remember, we are only asking for $26 from each one of you - though if you feel able to give more, that would also be very much appreciated. Less than one dollar a day for one month - is that something you think you could do?

Since we had that $2,000 donation, we are putting the entire amount towards testing Vaccines for the presence of heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, lead, etc. I am not yet sure of how many Vaccines that money will stretch to cover, but whatever we can do, we will do. So, your money will be put to work as quickly and effectively as we can manage!

New account for donations:
Due to our application for Tax Deductible Gift Recipient and the changes we have made to both our constitution and the way in which we collect donations, we have now opened up a separate bank account to put all of our donations and gifts into. Please make a note of the following details for all future donations:

Westpac Bank
Account Name: Australian Vaccination Network Inc. Gift Fund
BSB 032591
Account number 196282

If you donate via internet banking, please be sure to leave your name as identification so a receipt can be forwarded. We have several donations which we have not been able to match up to our lovely donors so they are not able to be receipted until they contact us. If you have given us a donation and have not yet received a receipt, please contact us so we can solve the ‘mystery of the unknown deposits’!

Remember, you can also give us a donation by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, BankCard, AMEX or Diners) by our website –, by phoning us on our office number on 02 6687 1699 or by faxing your details to 02 6687 2032. Cheques or money orders are also gratefully accepted and Paypal is quite acceptable via the link on our home page.

Action to support medical/healthcare students
As you would know from previous editions of Doing the Rounds (and also reported on in the current issue of Informed Voice), requirements are going ahead that all nursing/medical and allied healthcare students must be vaccinated in order to finish their practical work. We have several brave and determined students at this point in time who are willing to fight against these draconian and illegal measures as well as the help of a barrister who is committed to making sure that discrimination will be prevented.

At this point in time, it looks like our action will be starting in the next 2-3 weeks and I will be reporting in this venue as we continue to move forward. In the meantime, please let anyone and everyone who works in the allied health professions or who is currently studying – no matter what state they are in – that if they do not want to be FORCED to take vaccinations, they must contact us and register their interest in participating in these cases which we hope to run across Australia. We also need more financial support because there will definitely be a need for funding.

For instance, a week after our seminar in Sydney (more information on this below), I will be flying back to Sydney from the far North Coast of NSW to support a nursing student in her fight to stay in school despite the fact that she has chosen not to vaccinate. I will be there with her and will bear witness to what occurs and what is said when she is asked to leave. All of this costs money (and time away from my children/husband/family/business). Time which I am happy to contribute but we need to keep the support flowing in too.

Please read the article which appeared in the Monday, July 27th edition of the Daily Telegraph and see the work that is being done behind the scenes to hopefully ensure our rights to continue to make free and informed health choices:

Students fight vaccine rule
By Clare Masters
Medical students across NSW are considering taking the State Government to court over a policy enforcing vaccination.

Newcastle University nursing student, Brigitta Harvey, is leading the battle, saying no Australian should be forced into a medical procedure against their will.

About 25 students have contacted the Australian Vaccination Network after being told they can’t finish their courses unless they are immunised.

“I’m the youngest of four and after my older sister got quite sick after being vaccinated, Mum decided not to vaccinated me,” Ms Harvey, 20, said.

“I’ve since researched it and I think the risks far outweigh the benefits because it is a massive strain on my immune system.”
Ms Harvey and others hope to convince the government to let them continue their education – but if they can’t, they will take the matter to court.

“When I first started [studying] I thought they wouldn’t discriminated against me,” Ms Harvey said.

A barrister advising the students told The Daily Telegraph they have a case, saying: “They may have had action for unlawful discrimination under the disability discrimination act.

A NSW Health spokeswoman confirmed students must be vaccinated against specific infectious diseases. “In the past three years in NSW, there have been more than 24 reported cases in which an infected health care worker has passed on a disease to a patient,” she said.

The policy has been in place since 2001, but it is understood the health department will send out new directives next month.

My note – we have articles from Australian newspapers going back between 5 and 10 years which indicate that indeed, infected health care workers have passed on diseases to patients. Every single one of those articles – without exception – involved health care workers who were fully vaccinated against the disease or diseases in question. One which stands out quite clearly in my mind took place in John Hunter hospital in the Newcastle area where a fully vaccinated nurse in the nursery which cared for babies who were born prematurely had full-blown whooping cough and was never diagnosed because she was ‘protected’ by Vaccines so she was diagnosed with asthma. Due to this biased diagnosis, several vulnerable infants and parents became infected with whooping cough. So just who is the health department trying to protect here?

Sydney seminar – last call!
The response to our Seminar in Sydney has been phenomenal! We have pre-sold more than half of the available seats and we are getting many calls every day booking more. This will be a wonderful, informative and empowering evening so please book now so you won’t be disappointed.

The details – once again – are as follows:

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
Time – arrive promptly at 6:30 for a 7:00 PM start
Venue – Manly Warringah Rugby League Club
563 Pittwater Road
Brookvale NSW 2100
Cost – AVN members and students (must present student card) - $17 per person or $30 per couple
Non-AVN members - $27 per person or $42 per couple
You can buy tickets at the door if seats are available, but pre-payment is highly recommended. Call our office during business hours on 1300 665 088 and pay with a credit card or send a cheque or money order along with your details to:
PO Box 177
Bangalow NSW 2479

If you would like to help us publicise this event, please email and ask for a copy of the seminar flyer. You will be sent a printable version that you can either forward by email or print out and distribute. Your help will be very much appreciated!

Membership drive!!!
If you are not yet a member – we need your help and support so please join. Membership is only $22 per year and includes the following:

the Inside Edition – a 12-page vaccination newsletter that is distributed quarterly
a 10% discount on books, videos, CDs and information packs sold by the AVN
Discounts with participating Professional Members including Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Homoeopaths, etc.
Access to the members-only section of our website (our new website will be launched shortly too so watch this space!)
Discounts at seminars or expos we present – for instance, a couple will save $12 by being a member and attending the Manly seminar (information above) over the non-member price – how good is that!

In addition, for an extra $44 per year, you can choose to subscribe to Informed Voice magazine and keep informed about all of the latest happenings in the world of natural health, instinctive parenting and organics. Informed Voice is not just another health magazine. It is a proactive arm of the Australian Vaccination Network – dedicated to protecting the rights of all Australians and ensuring that we will always be able to keep our health options free and open. We need your support to achieve these goals.

If you are a lapsed member, please know that we are in a desperate situation here in regards to our members.

For instance, with our last magazine (Volume 4 Number 1), we had a total of 237 members whose memberships were expiring and 34 Professional members. All professionals but one renewed which is just fantastic. But only 53 of those members have renewed to date meaning that we have had a huge number of non-renewals – a scary situation for an organisation that relies upon membership support to operate.

This edition, we have sent over 450 reminder letters out to members whose memberships are expiring. The letters went out over 2 weeks ago but so far, we have only had 3 renewals – again, very scary!

If your membership expired and you have just been too busy to renew, please try to make the time to do it ASAP. If you are having financial difficulties, contact me at the head office number – 1300 665 088 – and I will try and work out a payment schedule for you. Nobody should miss out on this information because of finances. And if you are unhappy with what you have been getting in either the magazine or via your membership, contact me so we can talk about it. We need to work together on these issues if we have a hope of succeeding and I really do feel that most of those who have not renewed have just forgotten about it as we all do in our busy, hectic, overworked lives.

Thank you as always for reading this information. I would love to hear your thoughts on what is contained in the Doing the Rounds and what you would like to hear more or less of.
Russ Tanner
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